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Practical, Reliable Power Solutions

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A bit about us


Director : Rowan Peck 
BSc BE Elec (Hons), CPEng 215360
Uptime ATD 357


Licensed Electrician (NSW)

​RBPV  EE 45072, RPEQ 21364

ATD Accredited.png

Rowan has over 35 years experience as a consulting electrical engineer, specialising in power systems and critical facilities, and covering strategic planning, peer review, design, construction, and commissioning. His projects include over 500,000m2 of mission critical technical space, as well as significant experience in Aviation, Commercial, Health, and BIM. 
Rowan has been chair of the AS/NZS Standards

Committee for Switchgear & Controlgear Assemblies

since 2004, and an Australian Expert to the mirror

International IEC committee since 2005.

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About Us

About us - what to expect

Dependable power systems

are critical to positive economic, social, and environmental outcomes. Achieving dependability means paying attention to four elements:

  • Availability and Reliability. These are expected, not optional extras.

  • Maintainability. Maintenance shutdowns are necessary for every component, and their timing can not always be controlled to suit our systems and processes.

  • Safety is a fundamental requirement. Safety can be maximized through smart design decisions and careful planning.

  • Proactive risk minimisation requires anticipation of failure, a structured approach to limiting the chances of it occurring, and planning carefully for the possibility that it might. Risk can be managed, but not eliminated. We deal with fallible systems, and often the primary failure point is the human element.


Claustral Canyon, Blue Mountains NSW

Optimal economic, social, and environmental outcomes.

There are many solutions to any given challenge in power systems. One or more of those is able to deliver an optimal mix of economic, social, and environmental outcomes. We look for those answers on behalf of our clients, and our shared future.

Climate change mitigation

Climate change is caused primarily by human activity, and one of the keys to mitigation is smart engineering. It must be mitigated if life on earth as we know it is to survive.

Human capital development.

Within our areas of expertise, we have a responsibility to pass on our knowledge and values so that future generations can benefit.


Our Services

Strategic Planning​: Power system and infrastructure planning during project feasibility and investigations.


Project Definition: Defining the feasibility and brief for your projects power systems, so that you can procure this with confidence from the market.


Concept Design: Develop concept designs for power systems projects, and follow-through to confirm design compliance with the concept.


Peer Review: Peer Review of designs by a third party, to confirm they meet your obligations and defined expectations.


Expert Witness: analysis of electrical power system faults, in particular switchgear and controlgear.


Power Quality: Power quality from concept to implementation including earthing, transients, harmonics, EMF.


Construction Staging and Monitoring: Construction monitoring of projects, and staging planning of construction works, especially for live facilities.

Power System Commissioning: ​Manage, plan, review, witness, or critique commissioning of power systems.


Engineering Services: through collaborations with industry colleagues, MCS delivers virtual team services across Electrical, Mechanical, Communications, Security, Fire, and Hydraulic services. 


"Power Systems" covers supply options including renewables, grid, distributed generation, tri-generation, and waste-to-energy.





ANU's MTAA Sol Invictus team entered ANU's first solar car into the 2017 World Solar Car Challenge. Every 2 years, the event attracts entries from around the world, from universities, corporations, and high schools. Entrants come to Australia to race their Solar Electric vehicles from Darwin to Adelaide. MTAA Sol Invictus are entering the Adventure Class with the aim of encouraging student innovation and participation.


Mission Critical Systems is proud to have been a corporate sponsor of the team, who successfully completed the challenge arriving safely in Adelaide.... Because it's cool, and these students and their innovative use of technology are our future. 


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Seres delivers social equity, resilience, and ecosystem sustainability through community education programs in Central America.


Mission Critical Systems provide pro-bono advice on power systems and related engineering as Seres design and builds their permanent home, the Seres Centre communiversity, on the slopes of a volcano in Guatemala.


Director Rowan Peck was a founding executive team member, and continues as an Ambassador.


Tax deductible donations can be made through Seres partner OzGreen from the website linked above.


Seres recently received a UNESCO award for Sustainability Education, and is currently fundraising to commence building a Communiversity, a space to take that same education to some of the worlds poorest and most vulnerable. Click on the logo above for latest news, or donate here


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PO Box 898

+61 412041957

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